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Definition of total video

Total video englobes the convergence of TV and digital video usage regardless of media consumption modes (linear/delinearized), devices (TV, PC/tablet/mobile/consoles) and distribution mode (operator set-top box, internet/TNT/cable, satellite). Although audience fragmentation is a reality in the TV advertising sector, it is now possible to measure total video thanks to... Read more

Definition of Drive to web

The drive to web qualifies offline campaigns, especially TV campaigns, made to generate a reaction from the TV-viewers on the advertiser’s website, and therefore, incremental traffic. The drive to web effect can also be monitored on other digital channels: we talk about drive to app when you want the... Read more

Definition of Brandformance

The word Brandformance is a term combining the concepts of “branding” and “performance” and it names a campaign or a marketing actions that combine objectives both branding- and performance-oriented.Television clearly represents an excellent example of this combination of objectives; TV can indeed be seen both as a great meaning... Read more

Definition of TV Tracking / Analytics TV

TV tracking, or Analytics TV, is the measurement of the performance of a TV ad on digital channels, like the visits on a website, the downloads of a mobile app, the calls to a call center… TV tracking is mostly existing because of a new practice: multitasking. More and more... Read more

Definition of the direct impact

In television, the direct impact of a TV spot is measured within the minutes following its diffusion and helps analyzing the effect of a TV spot on digital channels, like the visits on a website, app downloads or even calls to a call center. Campaigns that lead to immediate... Read more

Definition of indirect impact

The indirect impact of a TV ad is measured in the days, weeks even months following a TV spot, contrary to the direct impact that is measured during the first minutes following the diffusion of the spot. The indirect impact captures the incremental traffic on the long run provoked by... Read more


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