Definition of the direct impact or direct response TV

In television, the direct impact of a TV spot is measured within the minutes following its diffusion and helps analyzing the effect of a TV spot on digital channels, like the visits on a website, app downloads or even calls to a call center. Campaigns that lead to immediate effects usually qualify TV campaigns that generate direct reaction from the TV-viewer in digital.

The direct impact of a TV spot helps getting a better idea of the drive to web, drive to app or drive to call effect of a TV campaign and measure the efficiency of a TV campaign and its media plan.

TV advertisers can get help from TV Analytics or TV tracking solutions to precisely measure the direct impact of a TV ad, usually thanks to a technology that detects the TV spots following the first second of diffusion and which automatically opens an analysis window allowing advertisers to measure the effect of their TV campaign in digital spot by spot, in real-time.

Thanks to those TV Analytics solutions, advertisers can therefore follow the evolution of their KPIs and optimise their media plans by identifying the best combinations to reach better results and a better ROI.

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