Definition of brandformance in television

The word Brandformance is a term combining the concepts of “branding” and “performance” and it names a campaign or a marketing actions that combine objectives both branding- and performance-oriented.

Television clearly represents an excellent example of this combination of objectives; TV can indeed be seen both as a great meaning to boost one’s notoriety, to build and reinforce one’s brand image, but also as a media that can engage TV-viewers in digital and help measure their reactivity to a TV spot.

That’s when a TV Tracking solution can come forward, by helping TV advertisers follow the drive to web impact of their TV campaign and analyse their business KPIs evolution (like the number of visits, the number of orders, the number of app downloads…).

There are, however, lots of TV advertisers who also choose to control the evolution of their brand notoriety, following brand-oriented KPIs (search on social networks, profile of the TV-engaged viewers…).

An example of a TV advertiser who chose the “brandformance” for its TV campaign: French real estate website

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