Definition of drive to web, drive to app, drive to call center and drive to social

The drive to web qualifies offline campaigns, especially TV campaigns, made to generate a reaction from the TV-viewers on the advertiser’s website, and therefore, incremental traffic. The drive to web effect can also be monitored on other digital channels: we talk about drive to app when you want the TV-viewers to download and app, drive to call, when a phone number is showcased, drive to social when the objective is to increase an online community.

TV tracking solutions allow TV advertisers to measure in real-time the performance of their drive to web, drive to app, drive to call or even drive to social campaigns.

It would be a mistake to think that the drive to web effect can only be measured in incremental traffic on a website. It also helps measure other business KPIs like the lead generation, acquisition costs, conversion and transformation funnels. This is definitively great for advertisers who are ROI-oriented. It also allows them to monitor the behavior of the TV-engaged on the website (bounce rate, time spent on the website…) and understand more the ROE of their TV campaign.

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