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Brand Effect.

On your Mark, get set, measure!

With Realytics

With Brand Effect, follow the branding markers that directly affect your media strategy

Brand Effect, the new solution, that helps you analyze the effect of your TV campaign on search, and to better know the audience you’ve reached in TV.

Search Interest

Measure the impact of your TV campaigns on brand and non-brand requests on search engines.


Knowing the geographic area where your TV-engaged viewers are situated helps you adjust your media plan and your message.
With Realytics

Analyze the effectiveness of your TV spots
in search

How did your TV-viewers react to your ad? After having watched your spot, some of them looked on the Internet more info
about your brand or keywords associated to it. Have the TV viewers kept your brand, your product or your brand universe in mind?
  Does your TV campaign affect your brand image? There is only one way to find about it.
With Search Interest, you can measure the impact of
your TV campaign on:

Search engines
Online research about your brand
Online research about key words associated to your brand

Research abour your brand

Research abour key words
associated to your brand

Why choose Search Interest ?
– Analyze your TV campaign effectiveness through its impact on search engines
– Get a better understading on how your TV message was memorized. 
With Realytics

Locate your TV-engaged viewers

By knowing the department where you TV-engaged viewers are located, you
can adjust your media plan and your message.
With the geolocation, you can see in
which department your TV
campaign was the most popular
Geolocation helps you adjust:

– Your media plan
– Your message
– Your media mix…

Realytics, facts and figures

2,5 millions
countries covered
bright minds


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