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Programmatic TV

Realytics machine learning serving your media plans and your TV investments.

Realytics solutions, a revolution for TV programmatic

Programmatic TV is on its way, and Realytics proves it with unique solutions based on a proprietary machine learning algorithm we managed to develop after 6 years of collecting anonymized drive-to-web data.  

With Realytics

Discover the very first Artificial Intelligence serving
your TV investments

In a world where manual procedures can take (and almost waste) time, it appeared necessary for us to think of a way to automatize the TV media buying process thanks to an Artificial Intelligence solution.
The advertiser just needs to send his budget, his media constraints and his objective of TV visits, and Realytics Artificial Intelligence delivers the optimal media plan!
Programmatic TV

Leading the way towards a digitalization of the
TV media buying process

All media is being digitalized today, and TV is no exception. Key mover of TV-digital convergence, Realytics has been analyzing and optimizing TV campaigns performance on digital channels. We’ve analyzed more than 3 millions spots in Europe and we keep on making sure our clients draw the highest value possible from TV. TV performance measurement is the first step towards the digitalization of television. It is even possible to buy TV based on performance, not only on audience.

That’s what Realytics has been doing for several years, especially since it has developed the very first predictive analysis algorithm, on which our TV media buying Artificial Intelligence solution is based.

Programmatic TV is on, and Realytics proves it!

With Adkymia

Discover the first AI solution for your TV purchases

Adkymia automates the construction of media plans based on drive-to-web performance. Easily plugged to several TV sales houses, the platform simplifies the TV buying process and allows any budget to access TV, so that everyone can use it as a new acquisition channel.

Adkymia plateforme

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