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Yesterday, today, but mostly tomorrow, Realytics stays in the core of TV-digital convergence


Realytics, first real-time TV analytics tool

The Leader of TV-Digital convergence, Realytics was created in February, 2014, from the fusion of paths and skills of 4 friends, Guillaume Belmas, Sébastien Monteil, Vincent Nguyen Huu and Grégory Bittan, coming from the worlds of gaming and software development. After +4 years of R&D and more than 1,6 Million spots and 1,200 campaigns analysed, Realytics numbers more than 400 clients, is etablished in 4 countries and can work in 32.


TV, a media in constant evolution

Here is the thing: today, we can say there is 1 television but 4 screens. A TV in the living room, but also TV on the Internet, on your mobile phone or even via a box. TV is now un-linear, available in replay or on demand (VOD). Any consequences? Yes! With this digitalisation comes new problems in scheduling and media purchasing, but also a new kind of TV: programmatic TV! We are convinced it will be part of the future of TV.

Draw the best value from TV

We hear a lot of advertisers wonder how to maximise the impact of their TV campaigns on the digital. Historically, Realytics helps its clients connect offline and online by optimising their media plans. Today, Realytics help them connect everything by driving the customer journey from TV to digital. This way, they have a better knowledge of their TV-exposed audience, and they can pursue the customer experience of those TV-committed viewers on the digital.

No better way to maximise their conversion rate or increase their ROI!

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