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Synchronization offer.

Boost and benefit from the drive-to-web impact of television.
With the TV-Digital synchronization

Maximize the drive-to-web impact of television

You have a TV campaign in progress or scheduled aiming at promoting your online business ? Be sure to optimize your drive-to-web impact by synchronizing each of your TV ad airings with your search campaigns.

Ad Sync, the synchronization platform between TV and Search

Realytics has developped a TV advert detection technology that allows to activate actions in digital from the very first second of airing.

The aim of Ad Sync is to synchronize your TV commercial airings with your paid search campaigns (Google Ads) in order to try to reach the best ranking position in the search results pages and as a result to maximize the drive-to-web impact of your TV campaign.

TV advertising leads to an average +60% increase on search requests. *

*Source : « Synchronization TV-Search : the advertising « ping-pong » starts », 2MV Study

With Ad Sync

3 possible usages for
3 marketing strategies


I boost the drive-to-web impact of my TV campaign by increasing bids on brand or non-nrand search requests each time my TV ad is airing.


I protect my brand during my TV campaign by increasing bids on brand requests to guarantee the highest visibility on search.

Guerilla Marketing

I benefit from TV airings of my competitiors’ brand to try and attract part of the drive-to-web impact of their campaign in consistence with a Guerillla Marketing approach.


Ad Sync, the easiest SAAS platform
to use in the market

to use

A SAAS platform, 100% turnkey.

to execute

No need to duplicate Adwords campaigns anymore.


A simplified business model


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