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The secret recipe of our studies

The secret recipe of our studies

Take 1,6 Million TV spots TV analysed, 1,200 campaigns and 400 clients in one bowl. Add more than 4 years of R&D and stir until obtaining the leader in TV-Digital Convergence (Realytics). Seperately, whisk together data, some good expertise and sprinkle with humor. Mix those 2 bowls together and get unprecedented studies about medias, and more precisely about how TV viewers behave in drive-to-web.
Serve hot or cold, at home, enjoy in the metro or at your office.

The studies of Realytics, strong insights about media and TV spots

The studies by our team of Data Analysts provide strong knowledge on how to optimise one’s performance in drive-to-web. They clearly meet the market’s expectations regarding specific knowledge about drive-to-web and deliver general info about the productivity of the TV audiences.

Our team of Data Analysts rely on data collected among our clients and on information selected in the news about our fields of action.

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