Definition of TV Tracking / Analytics TV

TV tracking, or Analytics TV, is the measurement of the performance of a TV ad on digital channels, like the visits on a website, the downloads of a mobile app, the calls to a call center…

TV tracking is mostly existing because of a new practice: multitasking. More and more TV-viewers are indeed watching TV while having a second screen in hand (a phone, a tablet, a computer), with which they react to a TV ad in real-time.

TV analytics solutions help TV advertisers measuring the impact of their campaigns in real-time thanks to detection technology at the first second of diffusion. An analysis window opens afterwards, during which advertisers can usually observe peak traffic periods on their website, or an increase in the app downloading or calls to their call center, that can directly be linked to their TV campaign. We therefore talk about drive to web, drive to app or drive to call effect.

TV analytics solutions allow advertisers to follow the performance of their TV campaign, to measure their ROI thanks to tangible KPIs and to optimize their media plan in order to boost the digital impact of their TV ads.

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