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Definition of SSP

SSP (Supply-Side Platform) is a technology platform enabling digital content publishers (websites, applications, VOD services) to sell advertising space in an automated way to buyers. On the demand side, buyers use a platform called DSP (demand-side platform). Read more

Definition of DSP

The DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a technological platform enabling advertising buyers (advertisers, agencies) to buy different formats of advertising space (display, video…) in an automated way on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV). For the programmatic offer, the platform used is a SSP (Supply-side platform). Read more

Definition of Programmatic TV

The word Programmatic TV combines both the fact to target a specific audience (even a TV-viewer) with a specific message – that’s what we call “addressable ads” -, and also the automation of TV purchases (without the same RTB as in digital). Read more

Definition of addressable TV

Addressable TV enables advertisers to selectively target one or several audiences and to submit them personalized ads. This technology draws from programmatic ad as it has been existing for years in digital, which gives the user a unique experience. Not yet authorized on French national channels, addressable TV has however been... Read more


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