A single source & deterministic TV measuring tool.

Linear TV, Addressable TV, BVOD, CTV

Cross -TV distribution channel measurement

Video AdTech Solution of the year in 2023 at the Adtech Awards

Deterministic measuring tool

One tool for measuring traditional TV, addressable TV, BVOD and CTV campaigns exposure & online engagement.

Developed in partnership with Bouygues Télécom, Bee provides TV advertisers and/or agencies with a deterministic measuring tool able, from real TV and digital consumption data, to measure TV campaigns from one source.

TV audience integrated and unified measurement

A deterministic reading of the online engagement of exposed TV households that allows measurement of the online conversion of the exposed audience

Measure & combine TV distribution channels.


Reach & frequency

Estimate the reach and frequency of each TV distribution channel

TV distribution channel duplication

Estimate and analyse TV distribution channels duplication

TV distribution channel ramp-up

Track TV funnel ramp-up

Addressable TV monitoring

Access your addressable TV spots monitoring


TV audience online conversion

Calculate the conversion of the TV audience into online engagement

Per day & per TV distribution channel

Online engagement tracking per day and per TV distribution channel

Level of engagement per TV contact class

Count valuable contacts to capture repetition and maximize online engagement

One portal for all TV data.

Access data from every TV distribution channel activated during your campaign with the Realytics portal.

Exposure : Reading of media performance on D+1
Engagement : Reading of the online performance at D+3

Measure TV with real data.
The adtech Video Solution of the Year 2023

100% GDPR

An opt-in audience in a brand safe and premium environment

1.6 million
opted in TV households

(Bouygues Télécom installed base)
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