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Definition of a TV campaign

A TV campaign characterizes the fact that a TV advertiser is going on television thanks to one or several TV spots, in which he/she presents its products or services. The duration of a TV spot can vary and they can be more or less short, even though 15 seconds... Read more

Definition of a media plan

A media plan combines the different operations carried out by an agency or an advertiser in order to identify and select the right criteria to broadcast a radio or TV campaign according to the client’s budget. For a TV campaign, the advertiser has to pick the channels, the days... Read more

Definition of Television Rating Point

TVR or Television Ratings, is an audience measurement, generally used in television. It represents the percentage of a base population watching a TV program. The base is a given target audience in a given TV region or area.With the development of TV programmatic and addressable ads, television market players... Read more


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