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Definition of Smart TV

Smart TV is a television that can connect directly to the Internet. All Smart TVs are CTV, but the reverse is not true. Read more

Definition of STB

Set-Top Box (STB) operator is an IPTV device provided by the ISP. Its main purpose is to convert the received signal into a format compatible with the consumer’s TV to display content such as TV channels, movies on demand, games or internet services. Read more

Definition of OTT

OTT (Over-The-Top) is a way of delivering multimedia content (video, audio, etc.) over the Internet, without going through traditional managed distribution networks (cable, satellite, STB). Read more

Definition of HVOD

HVOD (Hybrid Video On Demand) is a video content distribution model that combines multiple monetization models, typically by offering a mix of AVOD, SVOD and TVOD. Read more

Definition of ISP

ISP (Internet Service Provider) is an entity providing an Internet connection to individuals or companies, enabling access to the Internet. Read more

Definition of CPM

CPM (Cost Per Thousand) is a unit of valuation where the advertiser pays a fixed amount per thousand impressions (broadcasts) of its advertising. First used in digital, CPM is now also used to buy TV advertising, notably with Adkymia, the first programmatic TV buying platform. Measuring Total Video also... Read more

Definition of Broadcaster

Broadcaster is a distributor of audiovisual content to a wide audience via television, radio or the Internet. On TV, these are TV channels. Read more

Definition of VOD

VOD (Video On Demand) is a service enabling users to select and watch video content on demand, including films, series, documentaries, etc… Read more

Definition of TVOD

TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand) is a VOD model where users pay for each piece of video content a la carte, often for new releases or premium content. Read more

Definition of SVOD

SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) is a VOD model where users pay a subscription fee to access a library of video content without additional advertising. Read more


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