Discover our TV
Monitoring offer.

Detect all TV moments in real time.
With Realytics

Benefit from a real time TV monitoring in order
to not fail your TV airings.

Thanks to a unique detection technology of TV commercials in real time, Realytics is able to supply a TV ad monitoring in order to analyse, benchmark or activate services linked with TV moments.

Realytics owns its detection technology of TV and Radio adverts in real time.

A unique technology based on audio and video.
The Shazam of TV advertising!

How does the real time detection work ?

Tracking of the historical,
TNT and cab/sat
channels feeds.

Integration of the customers’ creatives in our system.


Indexation of the creatives on a brands’ list

of digital fingerprits

Matching when the TV spot is broadcast

A more than 99% reliable technology

So far, real time TV adverts detection has already allowed
Reaytics to develop a few turnkey services.

Real time measurement and analysis of TV and Radio performance in Digital thanks to the Ad Performance solution.

Sychronization in real time of TV commercials airings with payed search campaigns thanks to the Ad Sync solution.
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