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Discover BEE, Video Adtech Solution of the Year.

BEE measures and compares linear TV campaigns (classic and addressable), BVOD and CTV exposure and online engagement. Audience fragmentation is a reality, and so is unified TV measurement.

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At the core of TV-digital convergence

Realytics, with you all the way:
Have a clear view of the client's journey, from the TV-viewer to the web visitor 

Performing in advertising is not only made for digital marketers. Television is also a great drive to web, drive to app and drive to call vector. Realytics’ solutions help you reveal and magnify the value delivered by digital channels, so you can justify and optimize your TV investments!

detection TV

Thanks to a proprietary spot detection technology at the first second of diffusion, Realytics can link your incremental traffic to each TV spot broadcast. 

Drive to web
impact maximization

Did you know that the very first impact of TV is usually seen on search? We observe an average +45% of requests about your brand. Make sure you reach an optimal drive to web impact by synchronizing each of your TV spot to you search campaigns.

TV performance

Realytics measures and analyses the impact of your TV campaigns on various digital channels: web, apps, call centers, sms… Optimize your TV investments based on business and branding indicators.

TV segments digital

Capitalize on your TV investments by making sure you’re converting a highly engaged audience, thanks to our unique TV-visitors identification algorithm.

An average +61% incremental traffic after a TV campaign

With its TV analytics solutions, Realytics has been taking part in the digitalization of television. For years, we’ve been helping brands and their agencies measure the impact of TV campaigns on websites, mobile apps and call centers and to optimize their media plan according to the collected data. 

So far, we’ve analyzed more than 3 million TV spots in Europe and we’ve made sure our clients were capitalizing on TV. But measuring the performance of TV was only the first step. What if we could buy TV based on performance and not only the audience?

This is our vision of programmatic TV.

 We build solutions designed to support the television of tomorrow.

This is how we developed a solution that can simulate thousands of media shots in a few minutes, when it would take a human being several hours to create even one! Our AI then selects the best media plan according to the advertiser’s brief. Moreover, based on this prediction algorithm, we have launched the first TV programmatic purchasing platform, which automates and simplifies the purchase of TV campaigns.

Ad Plan, the first TV media planning optimisation solution

The predictive analysis algorithm is also the force behind an innovation that automatically builds TV media plans. The very first artifical intelligence serving TV media buying, Ad Plan truly revolutionalizes the market!
Adkymia plateforme

Adkymia, the very first programmatic TV buying platform

Adkymia is the first platform to automate the buying process of linear TV campaigns.

Its revolutionary technology is based on the digital performance of TV spots.

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Why Realytics?

Realytics has been the TV analytics leader for more than 5 years.

Because we keep on revolutionizing the market with innovative solutions based on years of unparalleled data skills, on accompanying our clients in optimizing their TV campaigns and proposing them a unique media and digital expertise.

3 proprietary technologies

In 5 years of R&D and thanks to a strong data team, Realytics has developed 3 proprietary algorithms: on for TV spot detection in real-time, one for TV-engaged viewers attribution and scoring, and a machine learning technology for our prediction algorithm.

Unique TV media buying expertise

Realytics has chosen a team of media experts specialized in TV buying. They offer their broad experience to agencies and advertisers and deliver them reports and thematic studies.


Realytics has chosen a team of media experts specialized in TV buying. They offer their broad experience to agencies and advertisers and deliver them reports and thematic studies.
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