Adopt a new approach for measuring your TV campaigns: BrandFormance!

Boost the ROI of your TV campaigns by 50%.

Whether you are focused on your brand awareness or your performance, it is possible to measure the real impact of TV on digital.


TV? This is the most powerful form of media. Its worst enemy? Common misconceptions. And that’s why we’ve developed a new approach, called “brandformance”, where “branding” and “performance” are intertwined.

Speed up your drive-to-web impact and boost your TV and radio campaigns.

Your TV campaign performance is not only linked to digital marketers. TV is also great at drive-to-web, drive-to-app and drive-to-call. With our solutions, reveal the power of your TV & Radio campaigns and find justifications for your investments.


Boost your TV campaigns’ ROI and master your customer journey offline and online!



The impact of your TV campaigns
on your digital audience



Your offline campaign performance
on digital channels



The ROI of your media plan and
master your TV investments



The client experience
from TV to digital

Measure your digital and
branding performance

You know how well your TV campaign worked on digital channels, but do you know how it impacted your brand? Are your spots really viewed by your intended target? Who are those “TV-exposed viewers” who, later on, become “TV-engaged viewers”? How well did your TV campaign work on social media?

Those are core info if you want to optimise your TV campaigns, adjust your message to your audience and improve your creatives and TV ads. The goal? Capitalise! Do branding and performance go together? Looks like it.


Evaluate how much your TV campaign affects your brand image.

Customer profile

Who are your TV-engaged viewers?


Where are your clients located?

Web traffic

Search Visibility

Did the search on your brand increase as your TV campaign went by?

Wall of fame.

Discover the key factors
in drive-to-web.

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