Definition of Programmatic TV   

The word Programmatic TV combines both the fact to target a specific audience (even a TV-viewer) with a specific message – that’s what we call “addressable ads” -, and also the automation of TV purchases (without the same RTB as in digital).

Targeting a specific person by addressing him/her a specific message isn’t authorized yet in France, but some other European countries have already made the jump! It has indeed been authorized and working for some years in Germany and England. The former targets users with anonymised data, accessible via a connected TV, when the latter allows advertisers to select an audience thanks to hundreds of criteria, making sure to reach the most qualified audience possible.

Programmatic TV, and more specifically addressable ads, seem to be the best way to improve the user experience, by offering them quality and appropriate ads. Plus, if programmatic TV was authorized in France, with the possibility to geo-track TV-viewers, television operators feel it could increase the ad market by 200 billions by 2020 (SNPTV Study).

More than the addressable TV, programmatic TV also designates the automation of TV purchases, giving advertisers and agencies more fluidity and the chance to optimise their media plan. Realytics has for example announced the launch of the very first TV media plan automation, that automatizes the media plan construction, like Adkymia. Adkymia is the very 1st programmatic TV buying platform, that automates and simplifies the buying process of linear TV campaigns. Its revolutionary technology is based on the digital performance of TV spots. You want to know more about it? ? Visit Adkymia’s website

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