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Predict Impact.

Test & learn is over; let’s talk
about learn before testing!

Predictive analysis serving your TV investments

Anticipate the performance of your TV campaign in digital

You want to compare 2 different media plans ? Your campaign objectives are linked to its drive-to-web impact?Performance and ROI are your motto? You are hesitating about going in TV?

With Predict Impact , you can clearly see how responsive your campaign could be.

With Realytics

Get a web traffic forecast straight away and discover how reactive your audience could be in terms of visits, visits/GPR or cost/visit:

  • – Globally
  • – Per TV channel
  • – Per day part
  • – Per day of the week

Upload different media plans and compare them before their launch. Pick the one that is more likely to succeed!

Per day part
Per day of the week
Per TV channel
For Realytics

Reaching your target is important,
but their reaction is essential!

Today, media plans usually meet a specific need: recruiting a new audience, for both branding and performance campaigns. In a Drive to Web perspective, it usually takes 2 to 3 campaigns to fully optimise one’s ROI. With Predict Impact, you can adjust your media plan before it is even launched, taking into account how responsive your audience could be.
Your ROI is optimised at the outset, from your very first TV campaign.

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