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Measure the effectiveness of your radio & TV campaigns
Radio and TV Analytics solutions

Realytics measures the impact of
your radio and TV campaigns on digital

A complete measure of the digital impact of your radio and TV campaigns with a solution made to maximize the effectiveness of your speaking opportunities. Based on deep analysis of your digital supports, our solution helps you optimize your media plans and transform TV and radio in real acquisition channels. 


TV visits/TVR
VTV visits/budget
TV visits/spot


Drive to web
Drive to app
– Drive to call


Search impact
TV viewers geolocation

TV/Online video

Unified measure
TV/Online video performance reconciliation
Audience deduplication

With Ad Performance, follow the real-time effect
of your radio and TV campaigns on digital

Thanks to its TV spot detection proprietary technology in real-time, Realytics detects every broadcast of your spots and measures the incremental traffic they generate on your digital channels. To go even further in radio and TV analytics, Realytics has developed a new algorithm that can identify the radio or TV visitor and follow their clickstream data. 

By analyzing your radio and TV campaigns impact on digital, Realytics transforms television into a real acquisition channel. 

What type of channels
can be integrated?

Drive to web
Drive to app
Drive to call center
Drive to sms

Follow the metrics
you need:

Spot to spot turnover
Combined turnover
Conversion funnel
Number of commands
Number of buyers
Average basket
Connecting device
Number of visits, downloads, calls…

How can you benefit
from TV analytics?

Effectively optimize your media investments
Easily measure the ROI of your TV campaign
Precisely analyze the global effect of your campaign

Boost the ROI of your radio and TV campaigns by +50% with Realytics

Taking the measure one step further

Discover Bee to measure
the TV, addressable TV, BVOD and CTV complementarity

Realytics expands its TV analytics solution with Bee that measures cross TV distribution channels exposure and engagement.

0 %

It is how addressable TV engages compared with linear TV. With Bee you may now measure and compare cross TV distribution channels exposure and online engagement.

* ROITV 4, Measuring Addressable TV efficiency, SNPTV, 2023.

Why combining linear and non-linear TV performance?

To measure the number of global visits of a media plan combining different TV distribution channels

To analyze non-linear and linear TV contribution

To identify how they duplicate

Taking TV Analytics one step further

Discover Ad Performance complementary solutions

Follow branding KPIs to get a better knowledge and understanding of the target you’ve reached in TV

Maximize the drive to web impact of your campaigns by synchronizing your TV ads with your Search campaigns

Convert the audience you’ve reached on TV to digital

Discover how good TV tracking
is for your business.

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