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5 tips to e-marketers before launching a TV campaign

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As the most powerful media in the world, television widely attracts advertisers: there were 837 new or returning advertisers in 2016 in the UK, investing £5.28 billion in TV advertising.

(Thinkbox – February 2017)

However, going on TV requires some precautions to make sure every investment is relevant.

Indeed, today, TV viewers are becoming digital consumers. 68% of the population uses Internet daily  and ¾ of the British population uses another device while watching TV (The Google Consumer Barometer Report – 2017). That’s what we call the “second-screen effect”.

Given this info, we believe it’s time to stop separating offline and online, and adopt a user-centric approach.

In this guide we will unveil 5 essential tips every forward-thinking advertiser and e-marketer should consider before buying TV ad space.

Making sure your e-reputation is clean, reviewing your SEM strategy, choosing a helpful TV analytics tool…

Discover in our e-book the basics you need to know in order for your cross-media strategy to be the most performant as possible!

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