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Activate your TV audience online

With the development of several unique technologies and thanks to an extensive network of partners, Realytics drives the customer journey from TV to digital.

Synchronisation: Be sure to catch the multitaskers

Thanks to its TV spot detection proprietary technology in real-time, you can synchronize your TV spots with your Adwords campaigns. It’s indeed essential to maximize your chances to appear first in search engines when we know that each TV spot leads to an average augmentation of +37% in traffic! AdSync allows you to increase the bid of all or part of your campaign when your spot is broadcasted. The tool is really easy to use and you can set all the criterias you want: your Adwords campaigns, the bid amount, its augmentation…

This technology also provides you the list of your spots or your competitors’. You can also bid on Adwords whenever an actor of your ecosystem is going on TV (one of your competitors, your complementary brand…)

Enrichment: Deepen your client knowledge

Realytics has developed a unique algorithm that identifies the web visitors who have seen your ad during the analysis window, and can distinguish them between those who’d have come anyway. This algorithm studies the visitors’ behavior and can detect their origin. This technology is actually 95% accurate, according to some tests made by our clients themselves.

This data segment of “TV-engaged visitors” can be integrated to your marketing tools like DMP, CRM or other Data Lake. It will

Activation: Opt for a cross canal strategy

Thanks to a strong network of more than 40 technological partners, Realytics can deliver the data regarding the “TV-engaged” to the advertisers so they can take advantage of it in digital.

It is therefore possible to retarget this population on various tools: We imagined a cross-channel scenario with JustEat and retargeted a TV audience on Facebook. To go even further, some advertisers can even find similar profiles thanks to the audience extension. It is also possible to go the way around and exclude some persons from their digital campaigns. It is possible to personalize the experience of the visitors from TV thanks to the A/B Testing and personalization technologies.

You got this: everybody has his/her own strategy. But the goal remains the same: putting the user first and giving them the best cross-canal experience.

Increase your chances of digital conversion!

Make good use of your TV-engaged audience!

TV-exposed viewers become TV-engaged viewers once they’ve seen your ad and reacted instantaneously to it. That is the moment when you can capitalize on that TV-engaged audience and increase your digital conversions !


Increase the bid of your Adwords campaigns whenever one of your TV spots is airing and maximise your campaign’s drive to web impact.


Reexpose your TV-engaged audience to
your message during their web browsing.

Audience Extension/Exclusion

Reach an equivalent audience of your TV-exposed viewers, or
diffuse your spot to those who have not seen it yet

Personalisation & A/B Testing

Extend the customer experience of your
TV audience with a personalised message.

Client Knowledge, DMP/CRM

Broaden your client knowledge
and include new data

Realytics, a partner of choice.

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