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When the halo effect shines upon your mark

Leave a mark, make a mark on everyone’s mind, hit the mark: your mark (brand) is essential in your strategy!

Your brand’s online impact conveys important branding markers
Does your TV campaign really shine upon your brand? Does it shine upon the right target? TV really contributes to your brand image, and you can rapidly measure it with precise digital markers, which makes it easier to adjust your media plan and draw more profits.

Indirect impact:
Measure the global impact of your TV campaign.

3 types of seasonality are taken into account:

– Annual,
– Weekly,
– Intra-daily

Analyse all your KPIs :

Visits, conversions…

Brand image, reputation, fame… Which one is impacted by your TV spot?

All of them! The brand image sent by a company to the public is then caught by them (reputation), and stays more or less in their minds (fame). The whole thing comes from your TV spot. That’s why it is that important to know if the message shown in your campaign is aimed at the right public, at the right place.

Those markers directly affect your media strategy

First of all, the analysis of the data collected by Realytics helps you define a client profile, and spread them by age, sex, area of interest. Afterwards you can tell if your campaign was aimed at the right target. It was not? All this data makes it easier to adjust your media plan and update your message. Moreover, you can collect precious info about the localisation of your audience, and realize which geographic areas are the most responsive to your message. Finally, the requests about your marks on the Web is a good way to find out more about its actual notoriety and the volume of indirect searches.

Socio demo

Who are they really? They’ve seen your TV spot, reacted and checked your website.

How can you know if they really are the target you wanted to reach?

With Brand Effect, you can now make sure your media plan was effective and aimed at the right target.


Where are they really ? They’ve seen your spot, but you don’t really know where they are located at (except maybe behin their screen).

Knowing the geographic area where you TV-engaged viewers are situated helps you adjust your media plan and your message.

Search Visibility 

What are they doing? Following your spot, some of them looked on the Internet more info about your brand or keywords associated to it.

Is your brand making waves? Does your campaign affect your brand image? There is only one way to know it.


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