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Boost your ROI by 50% on your TV and radio
campaigns with Realytics

1. Discover the impact of TV in real-time

Detect the exact moment your spot is broadcasted and measure the reaction of your digital audience.

With Realytics, measure the impact of your TV campaigns in real time, thanks to a window that opens at the first second of diffusion.

2. Pick and analyse your Business KPIs

Every advertiser has different campaign goals: pick yours and follow their progression.

There’s no accounting for taste… Realytics tailors its solutions to its clients, so they can pick their branding or business KPIs, and follow their evolution precisely. How many purchases, how many app installs, sales revenue, GRP/TVR delivered, etc. you choose!

3. Boost your performance

Optimise your media plan by identifying the best combinations.

What’s the utimate goal? Boosting the ROI of your campagins. Realytics is a team of media experts who delivers assessments and campaign tracking as well as recommendations for your future TV campaigns. Change, adjust, rethink, and increase your turnover or the visits on your website!


Manage your investments
with one click

You have got all the tools to manage and optimise your media plan on our platform

Direct Impact:
Measure the engagment in real-time, spot-to-spot.

1/ Measure the impact of your TV campaign on 3 different mediums:
– Drive-to-Web: Measure the visits and conversions on your website in real-time
– Drive-to-App: How many app installs, launches, and conversions on mobile devices
– Drive-to-call: Tracking the calls received by your call center


2/ Access an extensive analysis of your media plan on several levels:
Spots, channels, time slots, day parts, creatives…


3/ Follow your performance spot-to-spot
– A technology that detects spots in real time
– Dynamic analysis with a window that opens at the first second of the diffusion of your spot


4/ Select and analyse your KPIs
Number of conversions attributed to TV, purchases, leads, calls, app installs, GRP/TVR delivered…


5/ Optimize your ROI
Cost per acquisition, cost per visit, per lead, per conversion…

A turnkey SAAS platform.

Follow the impact of your campaign in real time with a very user-friendly interface


Turnkey tagging plans
and integrations possible
on every website


Personalised training courses
and personal assistance


Synchronisation of your media plans
in real time and automated
performance ratios

Customisable data fields, perfectly connected
to your business-specific tools.

Use a customizable dashboard to follow the performance of your campaigns in real time and find weekly reports at your disposal, whether it is the first week of your campaign or if it is ongoing and you need to adjust it.

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