Real-time TV ads tracking

for online businesses

Realytics is the most precise tool to track and analyze the impact of your drive-to-web TV ads

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How It Works

Realytics is the best and most precise analytics tool for TV campaign tracking. Our solution can be easily set up with only one line of code and a few minutes configuration via our platform, with it you'll be able to access to all your TV campaign insights and monitor their impact on your web business.

Track accurately

Realytics gives you in real-time the finest information you need: ads exact airing time, trafic impact minute per minute, etc. You get all the data you need to track and optimize your TV ads campaign.

Optimize offline/online conversion

Put together your spot rating points and business metrics in order to optimize your acquisition costs and campaign ROI.

Analyze your users, not your visitors

Turn your anonymous visitors into known users and understand how your TV ads impact them. With Realytics, analyze which channel, TV program or ad airing time drives the best audience on your online service and optimize your campaign mediaplanning.

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