Ad Plan.

The very first artificial intelligence serving your TV investments.

Discover the first AI solution made to help you
automatically build your TV media plans.

Can artificial intelligence serve your TV
media buying?

Yes, and Realytics proves it with
its solution Ad Plan.

A revolutionary solution on the advertising market.
Programmatic TV is underway and Realytics proves it by creating a solution that automatizes one part of the TV media buying process: the construction of the media plan.

Why is it important to automatize the creation of media plans? 

To ensure the

of the media plan delivered

To maximise
the ROI

of the TV campaign

To save


With Ad Plan, boost your TV visits by an average of +32%

In a world where the software used to create media plans are getting old and we are losing time with the manual procedures, it appeared pretty necessary for Realytics to think of new ways to buy media plan and automatize the buying process. That’s when artificial intelligence came into play!

From now on, all the info will be easily accessible in a unique database for each advertiser. The media planning is simplified for the media buyers, and their value is therefore redirected towards their negotiation skills.

Ad Plan , how does it work?

Ad Plan is a solution that optimises the performance of media plans

Step 1
The advertiser sends his: Budget Media constraints TV visits performance objectives

Step 2

Ad Plan simulates
thousands of media
plans in a few minutes

Step 3

Realytics delivers
the optimal media plan
The advertiser sends his budget, media constraints and TV visits performance objectives, and Realytics AI delivers the optimal media plan!

This innovation was made possible thanks to a unique machine learning algorithm, fed by the measure and analysis of the advertiser’s spots and 4 years of drive to web collected data.The algorithm has been trained for 2 years now, from the launch of Predict Impact, our prediction solution that was the first step towards the Ad Plan.


is already on the road towards programmatic TV

« This solution is entirely based on our powerful algorithms that will save media buyers both time and money, by proposing them media plan already optmized. With this solution, we concretely enter a new era, the TV programmatic era! »  

Guillaume Belmas, CEO and co-founder Realytics.
« The automatic construction of media plans as it was made possible by our solution Ad Plan opens up new possibilities: advertisers are now able to create the optimal media plan and to monitor their campaigns based on drive to web data in order to buy their media plan based performance rather than audience. This new standard will be the cornerstone of the automatization of the whole market »
Sébastien Monteil, CTO and co-founder Realytics.

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